Academic Programs


UNIFEI offers undergraduate programs with the aim to prepare qualified professionals to hold superior-level jobs. The university grants both bachelor and licentiate degrees, mainly in the following areas: Applied Social Sciences, Exact and Earth Sciences, Biological Sciences and Engineering.

UNIFEI’s undergraduate programs are nationally and internationally known for their quality, having achieved notable success in national and international rankings. Our Faculty consists of highly skilled professors, most of them holding Master’s and Doctorate Degrees.

The programs are offered for free and are open to any student who have successfully completed high school and have been approved on our selective processes. The University also welcomes students from our national and international partners.

The Office of the Provost for Undergraduate Studies is responsible for planning, supervising, coordinating and controlling all activities in undergraduate studies, ensuring that they are in accordance with the current national legislation and UNIFEI’s internal rules. All programs are, administratively, under the responsibility of their respective Academic Units.


Graduate programs enables students to follow the evolution of technical and scientific knowledge. The competencies developed during these programs help those who wish to follow a career in teaching or research, also to achieve further academic degrees, and to improve employability or professional promotion.

There are two types of Graduate Programs: Lato Sensu, including Specialization Programs and MBA (Master in Business Administration), and Stricto Sensu, including Master’s and Doctorate Degree Programs.

The Master’s Degree Programs are presented in two modalities, equal in their concepts, but with different objectives and means of conduction. The Academic Master’s Degree Program are more theoretical and prepares its students to become researchers, normally pursuing a doctorate degree afterwards. The Professional Master’s Degree is directly linked to the labor market and the production system. Both programs, however, bestow equal degrees and prerogatives, which includes carrying out formal teaching.

The Stricto Sensu programs are recognized and evaluated by the rigorous criteria of the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES).

Taking a Graduate Program at UNIFEI allow students to develop skills, deepen knowledge, emphasize the practice of theoretical content, expand their contact network and keep up-to-date on their knowledge areas, among other advantages.

Our Graduate Programs counts on research professors, support from technicians and a modern and well-equipped lab infrastructure, helping to develop research papers. They are the results from dedication and serious work, driven by the synergy between the professors’ researches, contributing to the training of undergraduates, masters and doctoral students.