In Loco Jr

In Loco Empreendimentos Jr. is a Junior Company, formed by students from the Federal University of Itajubá (UNIFEI), is a service provider in the area of ​​Civil Engineering and is part of an extension model of undergraduate activities. It was founded in 2014 by a group of undergraduate students in Civil Engineering from UNIFEI, with the aim of developing students’ sense of entrepreneurship, experiencing in practice what they were studying in the undergraduate course and bringing students closer to the job market. We work on a non-profit basis, with great seriousness and respect for the client, with the guidance and supervision of qualified professors and technicians from the University. We offer affordable prices and quality services, for which all money raised goes towards training our members and developing the laboratory we use.

The company currently has a portfolio that includes:

Firefighting projects. Which involves the sizing of the hydrant system, alarms, fire doors and fire extinguishers;
Real estate regularization. Which involves the regularization of the property before the city hall, developing the As built when necessary;
Architectural, plumbing and electrical projects. Which involve the dimensioning and technical drawing always following Brazilian standards;
Laboratory tests. That involves laboratory tests of compression and rupture, always following the standards provided for in the norm;
Septic tank projects. That involves the sizing of pit, filters and sinks to be used as an option for sewage collection, always according to ABNT standards.